American Catch Wrestling

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We teach Carny-style submission wrestling, commonly called hooking or catch.  Henry Kolln taught this art to Billy Wicks.  Henry Kolln was a shooter trained by Farmer Burns. This art is 100% American and is composed of double side wrist locks, neck cranks, and toeholds from all positions and angles.  It is one the last bastions of the wrestling knowledge of men like Ed Strangler Lewis, John Pesek, Clance Eckland, and the great Farmer Burns.  For the past 9 years Billy Wicks has trained and instructed Johnny Huskey in this art.  Billy Wicks, "Pops" as we love to call him, has passed on all of his knowledge of this great art to Mr. Husky for him to instruct future generations.  Johnny Husky is an excellent wrestler,( a shooter in the old time definition of the word) and an excellent instructor.  

Training is held at W.N.C. Barbell Gym, 237 Sardis Rd. Asheville, NC  from 7:30pm-9pm on Monday and Thursday's . The only request we have is that all ego's and attitudes be left at home .

Thank you for visiting our website and we look forward to seeing you. Respectfully yours, Billy Wicks-Old Time Carnival Shooter.